1. What is refinishing?
Refinishing, (sometimes called reglazing or resurfacing) is a process in which a coating is applied over a surface such as enamel, porcelain or fiberglass.

2. What can be refinished?
We can refinish tubs, sinks, cabinets and countertops.

3. What about fiberglass?
We can repair any damage to fiberglass tubs and showers including badly cracked broken or even burned surfaces. Rebuilding new layers of fiberglass on the damage area will do the repair and only after the repair is complete a new refinish will be applied.

4. Do you use porcelain to refinish my tub?
NO. Application of porcelain is a process in which glass is fused onto metal at high temperatures (about 1800°F). This cannot be done at your home. We use an Acrylic Urethane

5. How durable is it?
A refinished fixture is not as strong and durable as a new fixture. Our topcoat can be compared to automotive paint; even though it is bright shiny and durable it can be chipped or scratched if it is abused.

6. How long will it last?
In a refinisher ideal world it would last forever, but in reality the life expectancy is 4 to 5 years.

7. Will my tub look painted?
No, it is difficult to tell difference between a new bathtub and a refinished one.

8. What does the process consist of?
We start the process by removing the old caulking from around the tub and thoroughly cleaning the surface. Surfaces that have been painted or glazed before will be chemically and mechanically stripped. After the tub is clean and dry all cracks and chips will be repaired, filled and sanded. The surface is than being etched and sanded in order to achieve stronger bond between the surface and the coating. We use masking paper, tape and drop cloths to protect the surrounding of the tub from over spray. Our coating is applied with airless spraying equipment. Three coats are applied in about 30 minutes. This completes the refinishing Process.
9. How long does the process take?
Depending on the condition of the tub it takes 2-4 hours to complete. Tubs that are badly damaged, or needs stripping will take longer.

10. Will I be able to stay in the house while you work?
No - the chemicals and the vapors are toxic. Our technicians use respirators while working, however within 2 hours after the process is completed. You will be able to return to your home. Urethane topcoat is completely safe when dry.

11. What do I have to prepare before TUB FIX will come to my home?
We will appreciate if you could clear all personal belongings from your bathroom including robes, towels etc. The refinishing process will produce some dust and we need an empty bathroom so we can clean it before we leave. If you have heavy items our technician will gladly assist you. In addition please make sure that you have no water leaks from your shower head or faucet, you need to call a plumber to fix the leak before you schedule a refinish.

12. How much advance notice do I need to give you when requesting work?
In most cases we can schedule your refinishing within 3 - 4 days. Keep in mind that we work with the same highly qualified and trained technicians and there is only so much they can do in a day. We will not "rush" any job in order to accommodate more clients.

13. Do I have to refinish the entire tub?
In most cases, "yes"; however it depends upon the circumstances.

14. My tub really needs some work. Shouldn’t I just throw it out and get a new one?
Why pay all the money on a new tub, when we can save you money and make your old tub look new again? Consider the cost of ripping out an old tub (and the potential cost of replacing tiles)
and compare it to the cost of a refinished tub. Call us or fill out our form for a free estimate.

15. When you refinish the tub, does it look like it has been painted?
Not at all! In fact, many customers have asked us if we reglaze with porcelain – it looks that good!
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